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Digital Happiness 4 - Utopia for Executives
Authors: Sander Duivestein, Menno van Doorn, Thijs Pepping
Neil's Quest for Quality - A TMap HD Story
Authors: Aldert Boersma, Erik Vooijs
Open for Business - Open Source Inspired Innovation
Authors: Erik van Ommeren, Jaap Bloem, Menno van Doorn
Quality for DevOps teams - Quality Engineering
Authors: Rik Marselis, Dennis Geurts, Berend van Veenendaal, Wouter Ruigrok
Quality Supervision - Through supervision to the right result
Authors: Rik Marselis, Arno Balemans
Testing in the digital age - AI makes the difference
Authors: Rik Marselis, Tom van de Ven, Humayun Shaukat
the PointZERO® vision - stop wasting time and money
Authors: Rik Marselis
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