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Design to Disrupt 2 New digital competition

In this report we focus on new digital challengers and competitors. Few established organizations wise up to them at an early stage, as they usually come from outside these organizations’ industries and are not taken seriously at first. Their allegedly inferior propositions confuse prominent players, who should in fact be the very first to be open to disruptive innovation. We outlined this innovator’s dilemma in our executive introduction to the Design to Disrupt theme.


The conclusion of this research report involves an appeal to the CIO and the IT department to use a Leading Digital approach to take the first step towards mapping out an offensive technological route. From strategic and tactical to the distinguishing operational level of APIs, which epitomize the digital business functionality.

Design to Disrupt 2 (English / Free PDF)
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Authors Erik van Ommeren, Sander Duivestein, Jaap Bloem, Menno van Doorn, Thomas van Manen
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Design to Disrupt 2 (English / Free PDF)
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