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Design to Disrupt 1 An Executive Introduction


Three reports on the vigorous acceleration that is now taking place everywhere form the basis of this venture. Your input is certainly welcome and, in that respect, this is a request to join in. Interviews with directors and leaders of innovation sections — perhaps also from your organization — form an important ingredient of this new project.


The challenge is a major one. Quite some notable people have remarked that existing organizations cannot match today’s disruptive innovations and that they should leave this field to lean startups. But Design to Disrupt is an imperative: an appeal to every organization that refuses to passively accept becoming obliterated, but truly believes that pioneering innovations are indeed possible. The design of one’s own disruption is the focus of attention in this process.


This Executive Introduction initially may cause some fear. We begin with the Pentagon and The New York Times, which are afraid of losing themselves in the jungle of rapid developments. We present culture as every organization’s greatest enemy: frenetically embracing past successes, regulations and self-imposed rules that obstruct progress. And we present theories and statements that announce even more exponential acceleration than we see today.

Design to Disrupt 1 (English / Free PDF)
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Authors Sander Duivestein, Jaap Bloem, Menno van Doorn, Thomas van Manen
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Design to Disrupt 1 (English / Free PDF)
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