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TMap | Infrastructure Structured testing of infrastructure

ICT infrastructure is the fundament of ICT. It is high time that the world of infrastructure became more mature and assumed its responsibility to provide more flexible, cost-efficient and — especially — reliable ICT infrastructure. We must professionalize our tasks and activities, work in a more structured manner and, above all, start aiming at realizing the appropriate quality of our ITC infrastructure.
The realm of ITC infrastructure is a creative one in which structure must be applied in the right way to obtain success. By nature, ICT-infrastructure employees are pragmatic, problem solving and service providing. However, structure is all too frequently associated with processes, procedures and regulations that tend to have a retarding effect upon the creative process.

TMap|Infrastructure should be regarded as a particularization of TMap NEXT®, specifically geared to the professional domain of infrastructure. After all, the realm of infrastructure does demand a tailored test approach. The reason for this is that, with infrastructure solutions, the emphasis lies on utility rather than on use.

TMap | Infrastructure (English / Softcover)
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TMap | Infrastructure (English / Softcover)
€ 18,30
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