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Design to Disrupt 4 Mastering Digital Disruption with DevOps

In our previous disruption reports we sketched the prospect of the ‘Valley of Death’. Traditional organizations will end up in this track of deadly peril if they fail to come up with a timely solution to disruption. What should organizations do to be successful in digitally disruptive times? Organizations like yours, presumably, which were not born in the Web 2.0 age and do not bear names like Spotify or Dropbox.

Names are irrelevant in this context (other fashionable terms will probably pop up in the near future) — what matters is the direction that is now becoming clearly apparent. The marketers call it the Lean Startup. The IT departments are talking about DevOps. The experts in the field of management speak of management innovation. All three of them have the same thing in mind: stop wasting people’s time, bring the human component into focus and accelerate innovation. Good ideas about how to learn from the digital disruptors do not appear out of nowhere. We present DevOps both as the practice and holistic approach to survive and thrive digital disruption.

Design to Disrupt 4 (English / Free PDF)
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Authors Erik van Ommeren, Menno van Doorn, John Dial, Dave van Herpen
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Design to Disrupt 4 (English / Free PDF)
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