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VINT Report Big Data 1 Creating clarity with Big Data

Since 2005, when the term “Big Data” was launched, Big Data has become an increasingly topical theme. In terms of technological development and business adoption, the domain of Big Data has made powerful advances; and that is putting it mildly.

In this initial report on Big Data, the first of four, we give answers to questions concerning what exactly Big Data is, where it differs from existing data classification, how the transformative potential of Big Data can be estimated, and what the current situation (2012) is with regard to adoption and planning.

VINT attempts to create clarity in these developments by presenting experiences and visions in perspective: objectively and laced with examples. But not all answers, not by a long way, are readily available. Indeed, more questions will arise – about the roadmap, for example, that you wish to use for Big Data. Or about governance. Or about the way you may have to revamp your organization. About the privacy issues that Big Data raises, such as those involving social analytics. And about the structures that new algorithms and systems will probably bring us.



VINT Report Big Data 1 (English / Free PDF)
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Authors Erik van Ommeren, Sander Duivestein, Jaap Bloem, Menno van Doorn, Thomas van Manen
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VINT Report Big Data 1 (English / Free PDF)
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