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Conrad Horsten


Conrad is an all-round project and test manager in the ICT Infrastructure area. Conrad started his career over 15  years ago as a helpdesk employee and gradually shifted to testing and quality management of Infrastructure components. He has beaten the proverbial bridges between the world of testing and the world of infrastructure. He is the founder of the TMap Infrastructure approach and regarded as one of the top consultants in the Infrastructure testing discipline. He was also visionary in the field of test infrastructure; he knows how to deal with DTAP-environments. Conrad is an innovator who likes to translate practical problems and challenges into methods, models and strategic and tactical solutions. Conrad is an experienced presenter at conferences and seminars and has the ability to convey his story in an entertaining way. He was author of the TMap Infrastructure book en and contributed to the books of InFraMe en DYA Infrastructure.


TMap Infrastructure, Test and Quality, Projectmanagement, Consultancy, Test Infrastructure (DTAP)

Books of this Author
TMap | Infrastructuur - Gestructureerd infrastructuur testen
Authors: Conrad Horsten
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