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Ben Visser


Ben Visser is a highly experienced test manager and test consultant. In a career of over 20 years as a tester, he has fulfilled a wide range of test functions, from programmer of automated scripts, to test manager of a large international program. He has worked in traditional waterfall developments as a change manager responsible for test and acceptance environments, as well as model-based testing. Based on this extensive experience, he co-authored Sogeti’s TMap NEXT® Business Driven Test Management (Nov 08) and TPI NEXT® Business Driven Test Process Improvement (Nov 2009) and contributed to the PointZERO® vision and several internationally publishes articles. Next to TPI assessments and test process improvement implementations both in the Netherlands as well as abroad the last couple of years, Ben specializes in Model Based Services (Sogeti’s service oriented testing offerings based on utilizing models as much as possible) and Test Infrastructure Management.


TPI NEXT, Model Based Services (MBS), Test Infrastructure Management (TIM), TMap NEXT

Books of this Author
TMap NEXT® - BDTM - Business Driven Test Management
Authors: Ewald Roodenrijs, Leo van der Aalst, Rob Baarda, Ben Visser, Johan Vink
TPI® NEXT - Business Driven Test Process Improvement - Business Driven Test Process Improvement Model
Authors: Ben Visser, Gerrit de Vries, Bert Linker, Loek Wilhelmus, Alexander van Ewijk, Marcel van Oosterwijk
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